Samstag, 28. Juli 2012

28mm Hordes of the Things Battlereports Elves versus Rats

On friday I visited my gaming chap Christof in order to make my first steps in HotT Of course I made a lot of pics which I want to show :)

First a battlereport: 28mm Elves versus Rats

Elfish Lineup

They are defender, at the bottom lies a swamp, above a wood.
In the swamp Beast and Shooter, in the Centre from the bottom up: spear, magician, spear, spear General, behemoth und hero. At the right behind the wood the knights.

the right wing...

... the centre!

Counterpart the evil Rats! Bottom a steep hill, above a normal one. From the bottom up 2 warbands, spear with magician behind, spear, spear and spear General, 2 shooters and above a Rat hero!

Because I was defender I beginn with a march forward :)

Rats make a marsh forward too. My beasts and the shooter dare themselves out of the swamp!

But my beasts made the mistake to get too close to the warbands and were crushed by them while shooter can destroy a warband! First casualities!

short before both battlelines meet...

Then the Rat magician turns my turtle running. Damn, i did not know that a turtle can run that fast ... :)

With that gap in my battleline I have only one mind: charge. And I am lucky enough to kill 2 spears and the magician . I can also repulse the Rats spear general!

Now, the Rats are hard uop and they try to save what is able to be saved. That means: kill the knights with the shoots - check, move hero in melee - check and widen the battleline with one spear element - check. In addition the Rats send the warband from the bottom of their battleline to the melee in the centre. But is warband able to reach the melee?

No, too late! I defeat the Rat hero in a glorious hero versus hero fight and the elves win the battle with a kill counter of 14 aps!

The End:

Thanks Christof, for playing a wonderful day and the delicate food!

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)

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