Dienstag, 6. September 2011

1-72 Napoleonic Battle impressions

Some time ago, Chris and i played a remake of the battle at ulm 1805 between the French (Chris)and Austrians (me). The French had to defend a building during the Austrians had to take it. I can't exactly remember who was the winner (i guess the Austrians because they took the building) but the battle was very fun.

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The Austrians advance under cannon fire.

The French elite is awaitung the enemy..

.. and reinforcements are on their way!

Skirmishing & Melee on the left French Wing, Austrian Advance on the right.

Then both centre met each other - combat has begun..

.. with heavy losses on both sides. Hust in that moment the French reinforcements arrived and hold the centre! But it was too late. The Austrians had taken the building and won..

Scale was 1-72. All miniatures painted by Chris. Miniatures from Revell, Italerie, HäT. Played with selfmade rules.

I hope you like it. Comments, hints and critics are welcome too :)

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